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Gender Clarity for Teens and Tweens

Gender has been politicized, and the science of gender manipulated to fit some agenda. Every teen and pre-teen needs clear, lucid information to help him/her navigate the man-made gender chaos out there.

This booklet contains knowledge that will help guide and stabilize the reader on gender issues.


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Loveworld Schools is an all age co-educational , international day and boarding school founded on sound christian principles , proven godly values and endowed with a rich and enhancing academic curriculum.

At LoveWorld School, we recognize that quality education early in one’s childhood, contributes immensly in building a strong foundation in the life of a child. 

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Femi Komolafe Student

The book is intriguingly insightful, containing knowledge for an understanding many people should have and, even, as their consciousness.

Anita Anya Student

The book was very amazing and I really gained a lot from it. Through this book I came to understand that the way you are raised doesn’t determine your gender, but rather your gender determines the way you are raised. I learnt that I am not a social construct and God made a girl because he had a purpose for me in that gender and so therefore I am happy with my gender and not change it.

Carissa Akumbu Student

I really love the new book written by my beloved school. The book helped me understand a lot of amazing fact about my gender, I was taught that being a ‘Girl’ is a great blessing and I have to be proud of it.

Chijioke Gift. Student

The book Gender Clarity is very interesting. When I was reading it, I thought it would go and on but it ended so gloriously. One striking thing I learnt from this book is that we should tell our parents and pastors and trust their help. Be bold, do not feel shy to do so and do not ignore help. I also learnt that that I am more expensive than the most expensive gadget in this world.

Odedina Omotola Student

The book Gender Clarity for Teens and Tweens was exceptionally informative. It taught me that I should enjoy who God has made me to be and it is not my responsibility to decide my gender but God’s responsibility. And also I should appreciate what and who God has made me to be.

Love Ibeto Student

The book Gender Clarity written by Loveworld Schools, has indeed cleared all doubt and questions on our gender. Teaching Teens and Tweens what is true, and what is made up, through this book I have gained more knowledge on what gender is, how to relate with people with gender issues and lastly Gender is God’s job.

Esedebe Chire Student

This book gave me confidence in my gender and what to do in some situation and also explains the truth and now I know who I am and also thought me about moral and I recommend this book for every child.

Kayla Dioku Student

This book explains that we should be proud of our gender no matter what because God made us for a purpose and gave us the right gender so we shouldn’t try to change it and also we should wait for the right time to love someone or your real partner according to Solomon 8:4

Christine Akhidime Student

This book simply explains how we should enjoy who God has made you, don’t tinker with yourself and don’t let anyone tinker with you. And if you have gender issues don’t panic, refuse the wrong feelings and urges, not just in your heart but with your mouth.

Yolanda Lexington Student

The book explains that we should be happy with the gender we are and accept who God made us as and not let people tell us wrong things about our gender.

Zoe Trinitee Asekutu Student

The book emphasizes about the gender transitioning around the world today. It says that it is not the ‘WILL’ of God for us to be confused about our gender.

Praise Ebi Ayaoge. Student

This book gives Teenagers that questions their gender the confident they need to stand firm and be proud of their body, it also gives them the proper information on how to handle a gender crises and it also gives them the knowledge of who they are in Christ.

Amos Daniella Student

Gender clarity is indeed a book that has changed my life and perspective of things forever. The book has stabilized the issues of gender and has exceptionally cleared the gender agenda. This book is a life for success, victory and progress in life.

Rhema Itua Student

Gender clarity helped me understand the meaning of gender. It helped me know that being attracted to same gender or feeling as if you are another gender isn’t a normal thing and if we have thoughts like that, we should cast it out of our minds. If we have friends with such thoughts we shouldn’t hate them rather we should pray for them.

Oehulor Jennifer. Student

I learnt that, it is not normal to fall in love with someone of same gender, and if you find yourself falling for same gender quickly tell your parents and your pastor too. And if you know someone that is part of LGBTQ pray for the person.


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Gender Clarity for Teens and Tweens is a booklet that offers simple, clear,
sensible explanations on gender issues today.

This booklet contains knowledge that will help guide
and stabilize the reader on gender issues.


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