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Loveworld Schools is an all age co-educational , international day and boarding school founded on sound christian principles , proven godly values and endowed with a rich and enhancing academic curriculum.

At LoveWorld School, we recognize that quality education early in one’s childhood, contributes immensly in building a strong foundation in the life of a child. 

Gender Clarity For Teens & Tweens

About the Book

Gender Clarity for Teens and Tweens is a booklet that offers simple, clear, sensible explanations on gender issues today.

Gender has been politicized, and the science of gender manipulated to fit some agenda. Every teen and pre-teen needs clear, lucid information to help him/her navigate the man-made gender chaos out there.
This booklet contains knowledge that will help guide and stabilize the reader on gender issues.

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For Teens & Tweens

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The book is intriguingly insightful, containing knowledge for an understanding many people should have and, even, as their consciousness.

Femi Komolafe Student

On Monday the 11th of December, 2023, KS4 girls gathered in Year 11 Phronesis class to discuss the book 'Gender clarity for teens and tweens'. There we learnt the origin of the word gender, the two types of gender, what being a female and male entails and what to do if confused about our gender. The book is too loaded as it has helped open our eye to knowing who we are and why God made us in his image.

Keystage 4 Group of Students

We also prayed for clarity for teens and tweens all over the world that the spirit of God will lead them and clear all doubts about gender identification.

Keystage 4 Group of Students

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