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A straight-A student who tried to assassinate an MP with two kitchen knives could rot in a maximum security prison for the rest of her life after her bid to be moved to an open prison was blocked at the last minute.

She attacked him with a three-inch kitchen knife at a constituency surgery on May 14, 2010, to ‘get revenge for the people of Iraq’ – to the shock of friends and teachers who had seen Choudhry as a star student and aspiring teacher.

How to Create High DA PA Backlinks Using Guest Blogging/Post (in Hindi)Her descent from promising pupil to murderous terrorist sympathiser – said to have wanted to ‘become a martyr’ – baffled many, including her victim who suggested she had been ‘a very bright young woman with everything to live for’.

She obtained straight As in her GCSEs and A-levels and went on on to study at the prestigious King’s College London, while she spent weekends volunteering for an east London Islamic school and was thought to have wanted to become a teacher.

Choudhry – believed to be behind bars at top-security women’s prison HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey – will become eligible for release after serving her minimum tariff in May next year, likely to coincide with her next parole hearing.

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